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Tuition and Fees

Enrollment Fee: $500

Annual Tuition: $4,000

Tuition is payable in one lump sum or up-to in ten monthly payments from August to May. There is no application fee, and your student does not need a laptop for everyday lessons or work.

The non-refundable Enrollment Fee is due at the time of enrollment and covers most materials.  Parents are occasionally asked to supply items for a specific course or project.  These may include the cooking fee for Adulting or a scientific calculator for Algebra.

We can work with YOUR budget!

Drop-In Courses

Course Fee: $600/Year

Any student in the community is invited to take one or two courses through Futures Academy!

Each course is $600 per year. Some courses include a Course Fee to cover the cost of materials such as lab supplies or other items needed for that specific class.  If a book is required, you may purchase it yourself or order it through the school at our cost. 

There is no enrollment fee for these courses, but any Course Fee must be paid in advance.  Depending on our need, any book in good condition may be sold back to the school for half the purchase price at the end of the school year.

Are There Other Expenses?

School Supplies

All the basic school supplies are provided! Even pens and paper!  (High school students will need two one-inch binders.) Kids won’t be hauling tons of books around, but they probably still need a bag to keep things together.  Of course you’re welcome to provide your own faves instead.


Students bring a lunch from home; a microwave is available.  You may bring lunch for your child, but delivery services like Favor or DoorDash are not allowed.  

What about Dress Code?

Appropriate clothing is modest and without offensive language or images. Shirts should not be too revealing in any area, and they should have sleeves. Shorts, skirts, and dresses should be natural fingertip length or longer. A shirt of fingertip length must be worn over leggings. Jeans with holes are allowed, but no skin may show above fingertip length. That’s it!  Oh, and no flip-flops.

Any staff member may determine whether a student is in violation of dress code; the final decision lies with the principal alone.