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Meet Our Staff

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Ms. Stephanie Nalls

Founder, Director, Teacher, and Principal

Meet Ms. Stephanie Nalls, our founder, director, and principal! Before founding Futures Academy, Ms. Nalls was a certified public school teacher, earning her bachelor’s degree in Education from LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas. In addition to being a public school teacher, Ms. Nalls was a traditional homeschool parent, a private school principal, and spent many years in various areas of administration. Her experience as a parent, teacher, and administrator, as well as her empathic spirit and passion for teaching guides everything we do here at Futures Academy.

Ms. Nalls was inspired to create Futures Academy for students like her late husband and high school sweetheart. She knew in high school that as smart as he was, he struggled to learn in traditional classrooms.  Later she wondered at how easily he learned by “doing” rather than listening to lectures and filling in bubbles.  Today, Ms. Nalls is the driving force behind traditional education for non-traditional students because she respects that each student “does learning” differently.  She equips and encourages teachers to teach in all the fun ways kids love to learn! It is Ms. Nalls’ firm trust in teachers as experts that makes each student’s learning experience at Futures Academy unique.

Amy Thurlkill

Math and Science Coordinator

Mrs. Thurlkill was formerly a public school teacher and has taught in private homeschool for over 12 years. Mrs. Thurlkill identifies as both a teacher and a learner, stating that she loves to learn new things and then implement them. She uses her Wildlife Fisheries Science degree, years of teaching experience, and training in numerous special learning methods to create some of the most memorable science lessons your child will ever participate in. Outside of the classroom, this Victoria native enjoys gardening, raising animals, and spending time with her family and church family.
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Betty White

Laura Martin

Geography, Bible, Electives

The broad experience of Mrs. Laura Martin is one of Futures Academy’s most valuable resources.  A natural teacher, Mrs. Martin began teaching Sunday School at the age of 12. She came to us in 2019 with a resume that includes having “taught ages 2 to 88 – in the same room!” Mrs. Martin developed her expertise in Business Administration through work with Salvation Army Women and Children programs, and non-profit organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club – all while raising three boys! An ordained minister, Mrs. Martin now teaches Bible and Geography, as well as Financial and Adulting electives aimed at preparing teens for life after graduation.

ReAnne Perkins

Middle School, History, and ASL

Ms. Perkins earned her degree in History from Florida State University and has spent her life working in a wide variety of positions which had nothing to do with her major! She has worked as an office manager, non-profit fundraiser, licensed massage therapist, health care supplies coordinator, church administrator, child care team supervisor, and high school teacher. Ms. Perkins first found a passion for teaching when her younger brother was old enough to hold a pencil and thought “playing school” was fun. She has developed a love for learning and sharing knowledge through the years while teaching numerous Bible study groups and by homeschooling her own son. For fun she enjoys traveling, reading, making art, collecting craft supplies, and spending time with her family and friends.


Debbie Bluhm

Office Mananger, Math

Ms. Bluhm is a certified teacher with over 15 years’ experience working with students of all ages in multiple settings. She believes that learning from her students is as important as them learning from her and is always looking for ways to connect with them. Ms. Bluhm also enjoys being her daughter’s personal assistant, spending time with family, gardening, caring for her many pets, driving fast cars, and encouraging others to “shine their light.”

It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.

Ann Landers

Positions Available

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Futures Academy accepts applications from caring educators throughout the year. Please submit your resume or our pre-application form to [email protected]

A Faith-Based Approach

A faith-based curriculum is one that teaches a Christian or Biblical worldview – creation by one God, salvation through Jesus Christ, and eternal heaven for those who accept the gift of salvation.  Individual curriculum publishers may vary slightly and include broader truths like love, acceptance, and justice, but they are all long established and widely regarded as true, accurate, and effective.  Lessons created by teachers may or may not reflect these specific ideas and often will be religion-neutral like “normal” school materials.

The first and foremost goal of Futures Academy is to educate students and help prepare them for adulthood.  We do not provide encouragement or indoctrination toward any specific belief, religion, church, or doctrine.  Part of meeting kids where they are includes helping them find their own path that works for them in their families and communities.